Into To Farbie Doll

Artwork anxiety


Experts say the average human being has roughly 50,000 -70,000 thoughts per day. But I’m pretty sure I have about 100,000 or even a million sometimes. I always have all these scattered thoughts and I never know what to do with them. They distract me, confuse me and sometimes they get me into trouble. I hate them most of the time but sometimes they actually come in handy. I mean, it makes it easy to channel my energy into blogging or other forms of self-expression.

Anyways, this is a blog for the over-thinkers, the indecisive and the average young adult who’s trying to make sense of this modern world.

Some of the topics I will be covering include, social media, technology, mental health, hobbies, friends, dating, personal growth and whatever else comes into mind. I have organized them neatly into 3 categories, the first starting with that device you’re holding right now.


I have been rather private about my thoughts, hobbies and ideas; only sharing them sporadically with my closest friends. But this blog gives me a voice. I think we should all have a voice and that is what Social Media is, right? Hmm, I don’t think so, social media can be shallow. I mean we typically just post a picture or so, a one sentence caption and to top it all off, a well-thought out Emojj! Did I mention my day job is at a digital marketing company as a social media manager? So yes, I feel extra passionate and knowledgable about this topic and yes, I’m on Instagram myself. I love posting and getting my fix of instant gratification just like any other 20something out there. But as you and I already know, there is more to life than just a picture and hashtag!

I propose we figure out how to use social media and technological advances the right way, keeping in mind the reason why they’re there – to make our lives simpler. We need to be mindful of the ways technology is changing everything in both our heads and outside our heads. I will ponder the ways technology can be good, evil or just a distraction – it all depends on what we want to do with it.

Blame it ON the Anxiety

Speaking on ways of making life simpler, learning how to deal with our minds and bodies with whatever dispositions we have is key! Sometimes we are born perfectly healthy but deep down something is off. It’s almost like you keep trying to cover up the problem but don’t have any idea how to dig deeper and get to the surface of the problem. I am going to try to help with some of that using my own personal experiences. My focal point will be on anxiety since that’s the main issue I deal with. I’ll explain how I manage my anxiety on a day to day basis and try not to bore you with my personal life (i’ll save that for my diary).

Blame it on Everything else 

Lastly, I will blog about whatever else I want to blog about! You’ll just have to wait and see.

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