4 Weird but Effective Ways To Prevent An Anxiety Attack

Hey you, are you stressing a little? Perhaps on the verge of a nervous break down? Well, sit back and relax because I’m about to share with you 4 things I do when I feel a panic attack starting to come on.

Pull the Trigger Point

Figure out your trigger point. Any everyday anxiety-sufferer knows that it emerges through a trigger. Now, figuring out the trigger can be tricky. Especially, if you’re new to having anxiety.

I’ve personally found that the quickest way to determine what your trigger is to either write it out, or honestly just talk to yourself… Usually, I’m in a place where I can’t write out my feelings, this is why I go in my car, turn off the radio, and give myself a pep talk. I don’t really care how crazy I look, it makes me feel better! It has worked wonders for me when it comes to preventing anxiety attacks.

Small Things Are a Big Help

One thing I’ve noticed recently as I’ve made my transition from college life to young adulthood is that small things matter! Just two years ago, I was living in basically a frat house and it was repulsive. There was always dishes piled up, cockroaches roaming freely, and just plain nastiness everywhere.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 8.58.21 PM.png

Hmm. No wonder my anxiety was so bad…

When you do the small things like, clean little by little every day, you’re doing something for yourself that truly pays off big time! There’s no better feeling than having your shi* together, it’s simple as that. When you have groceries in stock and a nice clean environment, it’s scientifically proven you’ll feel less stressed. I know, I know, but if you’re having a bad day filled with anxiety, doing mundane tasks can be even more difficult. Right? But that’s all the more reason to get it done! Remember, you’ll feel much better afterwards!

Moving Can Be a Big Help

If you’ve got your life together and still feel the anxiety coming, you better get up and get moving! Do whatever it is that you do to disconnect. Go on a run, walk your dog, get some fresh air, maybe meditate or do some yoga. Do whatever you need to do to release those endorphins! Getting physical is crucial when it comes to reliving stress. And yes getting a massage counts, Heres favorite self massager from Amazon.

Some Help Could Help

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.01.10 PM

So, last but not least – talk to someone about your feelings! I cannot stress this enough! And no, macho men, It’s not going to emasculate you in anyway. On the contrary, it’s very attractive to find a man who is open with his feelings. There is no harm in talking to someone you trust for their feedback and advice.

And after you’ve burdened your friends enough, seriously consider getting therapy. I know there’s a stigma that goes along with getting therapy. But in reality everybody needs it. I recently started using the app/website betterhelp.com and its actually a great resource! You’ll get matched with a therapist who is there to chat with you whenever you need it. They also allow for weekly video calls and its only $117 a month. Usually therapist visits are on average about $100 per session. Well worth it and with that, is how I manage to stay (somewhat) sane!

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